Asian Momma makes hot Cocoa

IMG_3103One thing about being Chinese we like to find a cheaper way to do things including making hot cocoa. I know those hot cocoa packets at the grocery store only cost what $2 per box. But what if you don’t want to drive and waste gas to get it? Well no worries if you have baking cocoa, milk, and heavy cream and some marshmallows you’re set to go. Oh and one more item, battery Operated Electric frother. If you don’t have one of these it’s okay frothy milk is nice but not important.

Hot Cocoa Asian Momma style


2 cups of whole milk ( 2% is fine)

1/2  pint of Whipping Heavy Cream

2 TBsp of Baking Cocoa powder

2 TBsp of Granulated Sugar

1 TBsp of corn syrup


Whisk and Small pot

  • Place small pot on the burner. Pour in all of the ingredients above. Turn the heat on to medium high heat and whisk until it gets really hot but not boil over.
  • Use the frother if you have to one give it some air and bubbles. Be careful to put the frother in the pot before you turn on the frother because it will be a mess.
  • Once the hot cocoa is tasting good to you and hot enough for you, turn off the heat and using a ladle to pour hot cocoa  into the cups
  • Optional, before you pour the hot cocoa into the cups you can add two pieces of hershey’s chocolate into each cup to add more Chocolate flavor.