Avocado Toast Guacamole style

Avocado Toast

The best avocado toast to me is guacamole! Super ripen avocados ready to be mashed up and turned into delicious guacamole. It’s simple to make and takes only about 12 minutes to put together.

Ingredients Serving size 4 people


3 large super ripe avocados

3 ounces of cilantro

3 ounces of diced onions

1 chopped Roma tomato

the juice of half of a lime

salt and white pepper (sub with black pepper)


4 pieces of white or wheat bread

1 garlic glove


  1.  Using a sharp chef’s knife carefully cut the avocados in half. When the knife hits the pit and you can cut around slowly. Once it is been sliced all-around using your hands twist it open like you would a jar.  Use a spoon to take the pit out of the avocado. I tend to use just my finger to remove the pit. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, you add ripen avocados with one pit to keep it green.
  2. Using a good spoon mash up the avocados
  3. Next, mince the cilantro,  diced the onions, and dice the tomatoes, then add it to the avocado bowl. Use a spoon to combine ingredients.
  4.  Now, add the juice of half of a lime and season with salt and white pepper and taste it as you mix it to see if it is flavorful enough. Next, cover the bowl with some plastic wrap then set into the refrigerator while you toast the bread.
  5.  Taking 4 pieces of toast use the toaster oven and make toast to your likeness. I like it a little dark.
  6. Once the toast is done, using a knife slice them in half on a diagonal. Then cut a piece of garlic clove in half.  Use one half to rub on both sides of toast, for that extra zing of flavor.
  7. Take out the guacamole and scoop about 1 ounce of guacamole on each piece of toast. You can eyeball the amount. Serve it up and enjoy it!