BBQ Chicken Salad


BBQ chicken salad, Why because it’s a fun recipe. This recipes closely related to Asian chicken salad you see in the stores. What makes it Asian, I made it! It’s kind of reminds of Korean bibimbap minus the rice and gochujang.

Cole Slaw Dressing Ingredients

1/2 cup of mayo

1 tsp of celery salt

2 tsp of cider vinegar

1 tsp of dry mustard

sprinkle some crush black pepper

2 Tsp of sugar ( 2 TBL if you like it sweeter)

Or honey if you don’t want to use sugar.

  • Mix together in a bowl, better yet in a glass bottle with a cap. I like to shake it a few times to combine thoroughly, taste the dressing to see if you like it. Add more sugar or honey if it’s not sweet enough.
  • Let it sit in the fridge for about 1 hour or more. Over night is even better.

BBQ Chicken Salad Ingredients

1 large chicken breast

1/2 cup of your favorite bbq sauce

2 grilled corn ears ( cooked can corn is fine too)

half of washed red cabbage

2 heads of Romaine lettuce ( wash it please let it dry)

2 tomatoes whatever kind you like ( i like the large sandwich kind)

olive oil


black pepper

Instructions: Provided you already made the cole slaw dressing you can go ahead and make your salad.

  • Step 1 — Take all the veggies slice them all into bite size pieces. Wash all veggies thoroughly allow the to dry properly in colanders. Except the corn. Take the corn out of the silk but leave it in its husk and soak them for about 20 minutes to get moisture. Melt some butter and brush butter with salt and pepper on it before you grill it. If you’re working with can born steam at usual or boil it and drain it add
  • some butter and salt and pepper to the cooked corn place it aside to cool down.
  • Step 2 —  Take the chicken breast trim off any fat and butterfly the chicken breast and marinade it with a little olive oil salt and black pepper. Cover with plastic wrap allow it to sit in the fridge for 1 hour at least before you grill it.
  • Step 3 — Grill the chicken breast only take 15 minutes total. If you can’t grill the chicken you can bake it in the oven  at 425 for about 17 minutes. Chicken breast cooks faster and dries out faster too.
  • After it is cooked allow it to cool down cube it or you can shredded it  using forks. Then put some bbq sauce over it and mix it together well.  Set it aside for later use.
  •  Arranging the salad time

1 take the romaine lettuce ( chopped) place it into the salad bowl next add the rest of the sliced veggies, like cabbage, corn and tomatoes in the center then add the chicken and drizzle the cole slaw dressing.

2 Take a pair of salad tones and from the center of the salad bowl toss the salad slowly so that you don’t accidentally toss food out of the salad bowl. Enjoy!