BBQ sauce and jelly meatballs


Okay, many things have changed as of the COVID19 chronicles continues to keep us quarantined at home for our safety. We can still go out to buy some frozen meatballs! If you can’t find any meatballs I do have Ikea’s link to their recipe for their famous¬† Swedish meatballs, . To make a fun sweet bbq and jelly meatballs is easiest in the world to do for lunch.

The truth is this recipe can be used with any bbq sauce you like, and with some sort of fruit jelly jam you have around. I like to stick with grape or lingonberry jam. I haven’t tried this recipe with orange marmalade or apricot jam but feel free to venture into those terrorizes if you like.


BBQ sauce jelly meatballs. serving size 5 people

25 frozen meatballs

1 cup of bbq sauce of choice

3 tablespoons of grape jelly or if you like it sweeter add 1/4 cup of jelly jam.

A starch of your choice, instant mash potatoes, homemade mash potatoes, hot dog buns, or no bun at all.



  • Bake the frozen meatball according to the package instructions. As they are baking you can make a side of either instant mash potatoes or homemade mash potatoes.
  • Mash potatoes are 3 peeled and small diced russet potatoes boiled in 4 quarters of water and salt until the potatoes are easily able to be smashed.¬† Test the potatoes with a fork to check four donenesses. Using a dry towel or pot holders carefully drain the potatoes into a colander, and place back into the pot to be smashed by a potato smasher, if you don’t have one use a big wooden spoon. Add butter and little milk to make it creamy smooth. Then sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste,
  • Now, after the meatballs are all cooked. Set on the counter while you make the sauce. In a microwavable bowl add the 1 cup of bbq sauce, I do tend to eyeball this measurement. Then add about 3 tablespoons of jelly or 1/4 of a cup if you like it sweeter. Mix it together and then microwave it for about 1 minute. Then you take out the bowl and mix it again until the grape jelly is combined with the bbq sauce. If the sauce is hot enough for you then to go ahead and mix the meatballs with the bbq jelly sauce. Once the meatballs are covered in the sauce you and serve it up with the mash potatoes or in a hot dog bun with a side of potato chips or a side garden salad.