Cheeseburger Fried rice


You basically make cheeseburger patties and place over vegetable fried rice. Here is my recipe for Cheeseburger Patties.


1 lb of learn ground sirloin ground beef

1/2 of an onion (white or yellow) small diced

1 egg

salt and black pepper

American Cheese

cooking oil

Steps  Preheat oven 400 degrees

  • Take the ground beef, dice onions a dash of salt and pepper and mix altogether in a bowl. Add one egg and mix it again.
  •  Form 3 oz patties with your hands and put an indent into the patties with your thumb.
  • Take a frying pan or skillet place onto the burner onto medium high heat and let it get hot and add some cooking oil.
  • Place the ground beef patties onto the pan and let it brown on each side. Once they are brown and onto an oven proof pan.
  • Place patties into the oven for 15 minutes. In the mean time you can make the vegetable fried rice for it.

5) Serve it up on some vegetable fried rice!  If you don’t want to make fried rice you can place over white rice.

I think the fried rice gives it a good balance of rice, meat and vegetables.