How to make clarified Butter – Ghee




Clarified Butter/ ghee

The first thing I knew when I decided to go on the Whole30 diet, was that I was going to clarify my own butter to make ghee. Ghee is basically the same thing. I know it’s easier to just buy at the store, but it is cheaper, in the long run, to do it yourself. What you need is a pot, fine strainer, cheesecloth and at least 2 lbs of unsalted butter, that’s two boxes of butter.   You will also need a plastic container to hold the butter when it in liquid form. Always, use unsalted butter.


Step 1)  Taking two boxes of butter you can cube it or leave it whole that is what I do and place into a pot. Turn the heat onto medium-low simmer, and place a timer for about 20 minutes never leaving too far from the kitchen.

Step 2) You have to check on the butter every few minutes to watch it get cloudy and it’s good to see the progress for the first few times you learn to do it. All you do is let the simmering butter become liquid and cloudy. Eventually, it will get clearer underneath the cloudiness of the top of the butter.

Step 3) Once that I see the butter is pretty clear it’s time to strain it. I take a fine mesh strainer and lay some cheesecloth inside of it and strain the butter into a container. Now you let it cool to room temperature before you store in the refrigerator. I also let it sit on the counter at room temperature as well.

Here is a helpful link to talk about more details what Ghee and Clarified butter can do for you.

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