Cutting Onions without Crying stop right now!

Ah the Onion

What do we know about the onion? Well we know there many types of onions and they can all cause us to cry when we go to cut them for recipes that requires onions. No home cook, chef or professional chef deserves to be in the kitchen, if they are not willing to cut onions. Learning how to cut them properly and not crying would be the most important part of the onion cutting process.  I explored Youtube videos on cutting onions and preventing the crying methods. While they were for research and to see how their methods may work, I have my own fool proof way to cut onions and not shed a tear. When I was but a student paying over $20,000 for a culinary arts education on knife skills and other classes, I have to say knife skills is always the first thing we learn and one of the most important lesson was “how to cut an onion without crying”.

Today, let’s go through my method and let me know how it turns out for you. As far as I’m concerned, when I follow my instructors  advice and techniques, I will end up with a fairly decent slice or diced onions without shedding a tear. So how can this be done?  I don’t have anyone to help me film this or help me photograph the process, so I had to multitask this blog post.  In reality when you handle any cutting,  you want to have two types of hold to the object you’re cutting, example the onion, bridge hold where your hands hold down the onion steady and the knife is underneath safe position to apply pressure to cut the onion in half with the palm of your hand flat on top of the knife.

Here are some videos to show you the different cutting holds




Onion Tips number 1 – Always keep your onions in the refrigerator – cold prevents the onion juices from leaking.


Cold Onions
Keep the onions cold!

Number 1 – Consider the type of knives  you are using.  I own two 9 inch chef knives and love them both and either one gets the job done. However, make sure they are sharp knives.

the right sharpen Knives


Next  you can take out one onion to practice cutting then use it for dinner later! Using the bridge hold cut the onion in halves. Keeping the root together to make dicing or slicing easier. Peel the skin off the onion until it’s clean and you see the smooth flesh of the onion.



Next, to do horizontal slice in one half of the onion to practice dicing, you can do small, medium or large dice. In my case I chose small dice.

Horizontal cut
Vertical cutting

Using the bridge hold to steady the onion, see the lines and follow the lines and cut it vertically down using bridge hold and the root helps to keep it steady. It’s why I keep it together and I don’t cut it off until the very end.  Use the bear claw hold when dicing the onions  with the blade cutting vertically down. It should be very easy. Do your best to be careful but efficient and place the onions into a preparation bowl. Wrap it up with plastic wrap place back into the refrigerator for cooking it for a meal. Clean the cutting board and knife with hot soap water and rinse it well with hot water and let it air dry well.

small dice


Next using the bear claw hold. We take the other half of the onion and just simply slice it into thin or medium slices depending on how you desire for the dish you’re making. Another good tips is I try not to take in the smell of the onions. I hold my breath for a new minutes when I cut it and breathe through the mouth. Contact lenses do lessen the onion juice gases that expose our senses, but for the most part have cold onions, using the proper cutting techniques and you should be fine!

sliced and diced onions
Sliced root is off