Grandma Show’s Oatmeal Recipe

Grandma's Oatmeal
Grandma’s Oatmeal

Besides the fact that my grandma was the best grandmother she was also the best cook in our family. She made so many delicious Chinese dishes, but her oatmeal recipe would be the one that sticks with me forever.

Grandma’s technique for making oatmeal was both simple and ingenious. American style oatmeal is made by using the direction on the package, and you can add brown sugar or whatever you like on top of it. Grandma didn’t read English, so she melts the brown sugar bars into the boiling water before she added the oatmeal and used a little glutinous rice flour to thicken the oatmeal. Today I’ve changed it slightly using any starch I have around, cornstarch sometimes tapioca starch it all works. My family loves the oatmeal recipe and it helps me to keep my grandma’s recipe alive and well.


Simple basic Ingredients


¬†Grandma’s Show’s Oatmeal Recipe


Quick Oatmeal

Raw Brown Sugar Candy ( Brown sugar)

Tapicoa starch



  • In a pot pour in about 2-3 cups of water and set onto the stove and turn to medium heat. Add ¬†1 bar of the brown bar candy or 4 TBsp of brown sugar. You can break the bar in half or thirds so the melting process will be faster. Let the brown sugar simmer in the water.
  • .¬†IMG_3184
  • Taking a medium size bowl pour in some oatmeal, it’s used a measuring tool. My grandmother’s eyeballed the measurements.
  • Taking a small bowl add about 1 TBsp of starch and dissolve in some cold water this could be about 2 TBsp of cold water.
  • IMG_3186
  • Once the sugar bar has melted into the boiling water, turn down the heat to a simmer and add the oatmeal and then the starch mixture and stir until the oatmeal is nice and smooth. The cooking process is quick why we use to use the quick oatmeal.

I believe my grandma used old fashion oatmeal and later switched to quick oatmeal because she liked the smoothness and I love the texture. I like a soft oatmeal texture verses that old fashion oats which are crunchier. It prefers either type of oatmeal works for this recipe.