Grill Cheese with Bacon and Tomato Soup

Grill Cheese with Bacon and Tomato Soup

Survival recipes during a quarantine. Most people have bread and kraft cheese or some kind of melty cheese and possibly a can of condensed tomato soup.  I recommend this meal as a nice sharable lunch for a family of 5.  I love a simple delicious pairing of grill cheese with bacon and tomato soup, as it warms the heart and calms the storms inside.  So, I hope you try this recipe and you can doll up the tomato soup however you like; plain or add some other ingredients to make it hearty.

Grill Cheese with Bacon Recipe – Prep time is 15 minutes serves 4-5 people


4 slices of whole-grain bread ( white bread is fine)

4 slices of American cheese ( Kraft is recommended)

5 slices of thin or thick-cut bacon

4 Tablespoons of salted spreadable butter


  • Before you do anything, we will cook the bacon first. Two ways to cook bacon.  One in a frying pan – brown and crisp it up with nothing but the bacon and its oil.   The second method is microwave it on a plate between two paper towels that will absorb the oil.  Microwave 5 stripes of bacon for about 3 minutes. If your microwave is high-power you might set for 2 minutes and 3o seconds. You can have the bacon crispy or soft it’s up to you.
  • Cut the bacon pieces in halves. Plate it and set it aside for later
  • Place a clean frying pan onto the stove turn the heat on to medium-high.  While pan is getting hot, prepare two sandwiches.
  • Taking two slices of bread, place one slice of cheese on one side and then add about 3 slices of bacon halves. Place another slice of cheese on top and then top it with a slice of bread.
  • Back to the frying pan, add 1 tablespoon of salted spreadable butter. Lower the flame to medium-low and gently add the first sandwich to the pan.   It takes about 2 minutes on each side. While it is browning, you can prepare the second sandwich.  Before you flip the sandwich, press down on the sandwich with a spatula to make sure it’s melting together well. Then add another 1 tablespoon of the spreadable butter. Flip and brown the other side.  It’s all about how you like grilled cheese. You can brown it a little darker by leaving it on each side an extra 30 seconds, turning the same to a medium-high. But keep a close, on it because it can burn easily.
Grilled Cheese with Bacon