Pro Baking Tips that will help!


Pro baking tips that we all could use in the kitchen.  The holidays are upon us, 2017 is coming to an end!  Let’s make life easier in the kitchen, by following some pro kitchen tips. All chefs have a basic discipline for baking and cooking. We are successful, if we are prepared and ready to tackle the recipe head on with the right tools and organization.

Top baking tips to get you through the holidays.

Baking is popular and especially during the holidays. We love to bake all kinds of cakes, cookies and pies. Winter months are setting in and we love our ovens to be on and baking something savory or sweet. The aromas of a turkey baking in the oven; to the fresh smells of apple pie. I have some quick tips that may help you make baking through the holidays a little better.

  1. Make sure all the ingredients you are using are not expired. It sounds like a common sense thing to do, but I have found myself dealing with expired nuts and brown sugar that is hard as a rock.
  2. Study your recipe if it’s new or a recipe you haven’t used in awhile, because we may forget ingredients or steps.
  3. When recipe states to have butter and eggs at room temperature; do not omit this step as it is very important to have room temperature butter, eggs and milk for proper mixing and better results. Not all recipes require this step but a lot of cake and cookie recipes do.
  4. When recipe states to use cold butter for a recipe do not omit this step. Pies and tart shells require ice-cold butter and ice-cold water to make a flaky pie dough crust for pies or tarts.
  5. Use unsalted butter for everything. While unsalted butter for baking goes without saying, unsalted butter for cooking is also important too. Why do we use unsalted butter? We want to control the salt content in any recipe. Salted butter will make those cookies taste too salty. If you only have salted butter I say omit salt from the recipe.
  6. Measure all ingredients before mixing your ingredients, this will cut the time in half and the stress.
  7. Preheat your oven to the temperature the recipes request. A lot of times it says Preheat 350 degrees but that doesn’t go for all recipes. I would say 350 degrees is a good start but always read the recipe first. Cheesecakes tend to be fickle about those temperatures, as well as macron recipes.