Sushi Rolls with Spam and Omelette

Sushi cooked w/spam and omelette
Sushi cooked w/spam and omelette

While we love eating our Spicy tuna rolls, the kids may not like the texture of raw fish. So we can make a cooked version of sushi for the kids or for those adults who cannot stomach raw fish. Instead of tuna fish we replace it with cooked spam and an omelette.

Let’s get started.


1. Sushi rice

2. Nori

3. Sushi rice (check Spicy Tuna Roll recipe for Sushi rice recipe)

4. 3-4 eggs + water

5. 1 carrot

6. 1 Scallions

7. 1/2 tsp  soy sauce

8. 1 tsp  sugar

9.  2 pinches of salt and pepper

10.  4 slices spam

11.  oil


Provided your rice is ready to go all, you will need the following:

Bamboo Rolling Matt

cutting board

sharp knife

prep bowl

plastic gloves

frying pan

prep bowl and spatula

Mandoline ( optional)

Sieve ( optional)

Instructions –  Provided you have seasoned the sushi rice.

  • Taking a frying pan place onto the stove turn the heat on medium heat. Open the can of spam and cut about 3 thin slices and store the rest away for other recipes. Pan fry the spam for 1 minute on each side and then set them onto a plate. Turn the heat down to low.
  • .Let’s make the omelette. Taking a carrot, slice 1/4 of it through mandoline slicer. We want about 6 thin slices and then cut them into smaller pieces. Then with a knife cut scallions very small. Set these items aside for the eggs.
    • Taking 3-4 large eggs, crack them into sieve over a measuring liquid glass. Add about 3 tsp of water and whisk the eggs through the sieve and into the measuring cup. This will help omelette to cook up smoothly.
    • Add the carrots and scallion to the egg mixture. Along with sugar, salt, soy sauce and pepper. Mix the eggs with the ingredients.
    • Turn the heat back to medium high on the pan, and add about 1 TBSP of oil.  Pour just half the egg mixture onto the hot pan. Let it form and roll the cooked side towards the center and gently pull the egg back making space on the pan to add the rest of the egg mixture to form one whole omelette. Very cool and easy process.
    • Take the omelette off the pan onto a plate. Let it cool before using for sushi rolling.  When cool, slice omelette in strips.
  • Now it’s time to get rolling!
  • But before we roll cut the spam and omelette into long stripes
  • It is best to use food safety plastic gloves when working with the sticky rice.  If you don’t have gloves you can dip your fingers in warm water, which helps to prevent rice from sticking on your fingers.
  • Taking a bamboo matt lay it open, place a nori sheet on top. Add about 2-3 oz of sushi rice and spread it out from center to the ends.
  • Lay down spam and omelette and roll it away from you. Then take the matt and tighten the roll. You can do all your rolls before you cut it up into pieces.