How cut an onion without crying tips

Onions make us cry it’s what they do.  It’s a hard truth that is an unpleasant culinary preparation experience but it’s one we all must go through if we are to learn to cook food. Over the years I’ve been able to gather more prevention methods into battling the cry of the onion juices.  I hope you find these tips to be most helpful to you.

Onion storage is essential to preventing onion cries. Place your onions in the refrigerator until you’re ready to cut them. When I was in culinary school onions were always in the refrigerator that helped prevent the crying.

Another, odd little thing I do when it comes to cutting onions, whether it’s slicing or dicing them. I hold my breath and just breathe through my mouth and not my nose. When the smell of the onions sting my eyes causing me to cry. So I learn to not breathe in the smells.

Root End

First, when you look at an onion there is a root when you slice in half lengthwise you want to keep the root on. It makes for easier dicing and slicing. You want to effectively cut the onion safe and fast.


Sliced in Half

Once the onion is sliced in half you can go ahead and slice and dice the onion. Dicing onion you want to keep the root still attached to the onion.  Then once you’re doing cutting the onion, it’s important that you wash your cutting board and knife before you cut another ingredient.

Recap tips.

  1. To prevent onion cries, you need to have store the onions in the refrigerator. Cold onions are always better than room temperature stored onions.
  2. Hold your breath from the nose and breathe through your mouth. It’s only for a few seconds at a time. The smell of the onion is very strong when it hits the nose it runs to the eyes. I’m not any type of science person it’s just from experience.
  3. Keep the root in tack while you slice or dice it.
  4. Wash the cutting board and knife before you cut another ingredient.

Follow these tips and I’m sure you will do little no crying when crying when cutting onions.