Egg Fried Rice – Taishan style

Lop cheong Egg Fried Rice

Lately, egg fried rice has become a viral video recipe sensation. So today I thought it would be fun to post my style of egg fried rice made with lop cheong (Chinese sausage).  I am Taishan, my grandparents come from the southern part of Guangdong Province in China, so therefore making Taishan style of cooking dishes.  We love Chinese sausage called lop cheong. It’s fatty, greasy goodness packed full of flavor and makes my egg fried rice even better.  It’s an easy recipe to put together in no time flat.  If you do not like Chinese sausage you can just omit it, and can substitute it with cooked chicken or ham. It just has to be protein already cooked before throwing into the fried rice.  Now I know a lot of people like to use cold cooked rice for making fried rice, which is common and most recommended; but I use fresh cooked rice made from the rice cooker.  It’s just easier to make rice for the egg fried rice. Another reason I like using the rice cooker is I can also cook my Chinese sausage with the rice in the rice cooker.  All I do is toss in two Chinese sausage links into the rice cooker along with the rice, the fragrance is even better when it cooks together.  I have a family to feed, so I like to add some vegetables.  I boil and cook some peas and carrots for not flavor, but to add color and make it a healthier dish.  When it comes to fried rice, you want everything to be basically fully cooked, expect the egg part.  You can cook the egg in the wok while you make the fried rice. I tend to cook the eggs first before I do anything with the fried rice, set it aside and add it back into the fried rice towards the end.  It’s the way I cook it and it always comes out great.

Egg Fried Rice with Lop cheong serving size 2

2  Cooked Chinese sausage/ lop cheong – sliced into small pieces

2 cups of cooked rice

2 cups of cooked peas and carrots

2 large eggs

2 cloves minced garlic

1 teaspoon of white pepper powder

1 teaspoon of kosher salt

1 Tablespoon of lite soy sauce

1 Tablespoon of dark soy sauce

2 Stalks of scallions  washed and finely chopped

Cooking oil, canola or grape seed oil


  • Place wok onto stove on medium heat. Carefully drizzle about 2 tablespoon of cooking oil and swirl the wok so the oil has coated the pan evenly. Next in a small bowl crack two eggs on a  flat surface and put them into the bowl and whisk the eggs until they are well combined. Cook the scrambled eggs in the heated wok until it’s a soft scramble, doesn’t need to be over cooked just gently scrambled, even a little runny is fine and set into a clean plate or bowl for later.
  • Next, coat the wok again with about 2 tablespoon of cooking oil, add the mince garlic and stir it around with a spatula and then add in the small diced Chinese sausage/ Lop cheong along with the peas and carrots and stir fry it a little over the heat.
  • Take the cooked rice, whether it’s day old or fresh, place into the wok, if it’s day old rice I suggest drizzle tiny bit of water into the rice so it can be rehydrate the dry cold rice a bit. Combine the ingredients with the rice, then add in the soft scrambled egg to be cooked through the fried rice.
  • Add some seasoning, white pepper powder, kosher salt, lite soy sauce and some dark soy sauce.  Stir to combine well.
  • Lastly, you add the finely chopped scallions to the wok and fold all the ingredients together.  Serve it up immediately and enjoy!