Chicken wings with Celery


Chicken wings with celery and you can toss in other vegetables like zucchini and thinly slice carrots too. It is an oyster sauce and corn starch slurry gravy that makes it tasty.

Using a wok is helpful but a frying pan with a lid will work too. Let’s get started!


1 package of chicken wings, separate wings from drummets. ( Non-frozen wings)

( Taking the lower part of a knife and fell for the joint between drummet and wing to easily separate, use a little force to separate them.)

3-4 pieces of 1 stalk of the celery, wash and slice on a diagonal

garlic powder or garlic salt

salt and pepper

Oyster sauce

2 Tbsp Corn starch and 1/2 cup of cold water ( chicken stock) to make Slurry

cooking oil


Zucchini slice thinly

Carrots sliced thinly

What you’ll need


Knife and cutting board

Wok or frying pan


measuring spoons


What you need to do.

  •  First step is to make sure the chicken wings are separate for easy cooking.  Wash all of your vegetables and cut them up. After that is done turn heat up the wok on medium heat. Add some cooking oil. Allow for the pan to get really hot!
  • Next step toss in the chicken wings and sprinkle a little salt and pepper stir it all over. Turn the heat up a little bit higher, not too high, enough to hear some sizzling. Allow it to brown on each side before placing a lid on it.
  • Once it is brown on each side and a lid is placed onto of the chicken wings, Time to let it cook through, this can take 15-18 minutes. The chicken wings will look darker and the meat will no longer be translucent in color.
  • When the chicken wings look cook through sprinkle some garlic powder generously. Toss it around then add in your vegetables and stir once more and add a little more garlic powder if you like. Cover with a lid allow vegetables to wilt.
  • At this time make your corn starch slurry.  It’s 2 Tbsp and 1/2 cup of cold water or chicken stock. Dissolve the starch into the liquids well before adding to the wok.
  • When adding the corn starch slurry you need to have no lid on. Corn starch thickens at a quick boil and when it cools down.
  • Sprinkle some oyster sauce over the chicken wings and vegetables, and stir it well to combine, Let it cook for just a few more minutes. Turn off the heat and serve it up with some warm rice.