Bibimbap I like it cold and I like in a stone bowl. It’s all about a rice dish that has colorful medley of vegetables, one type of protein or none, and Gochujang (hot pepper paste) sauce. It’s also garnished with an egg on top. It not an easy dish to make because it takes time but when you learn to make it you get faster and it gets easier.

The major thing you have to know about the process of Bibimbap is all of the vegetables need to cooking processes. It is washed sliced up and boiled in water for 1-2 minutes and strained into a colander, and then it’s stir-fry and seasoned. Everything has to be cooked and arranged and eventually all put together in a big bowl beautifully, it’s artistic dish and delicious. It’s top off with a fried egg and mixed with Gochujang.

Ingredients and Instructions –  Before we begin you need to wash and make the rice! You can’t eat this dish happily without stick rice. This is to make the entire process faster for beginners.

Everything ingredient need to be made individually and set into a giant plate or bowl to prepare for arranging the dish altogether around rice. If you don’t have a big plate or bowl use small individual bowls, but that makes for more dishes. You can use a sheet pan if cant find a big plate.

Bulgogi – marinaded and cooked. ( chicken, or kalbi works too)

Marinade –  Into a pot you put in about 1/2 cup of soy sauce and 1 can of 7up. Turn on the heat to low simmer. Peel the ginger and minced the garlic and cut 3 scallions. Place into the pot. Then add about 1 tsp of sesame seed oil, sesame seeds and 1TBSP of brown sugar. Stir it well. Next if it is not sweet enough add 2 TBSP of corn syrup. You want to thicken the marinade with potato starch. Take 2 TBSP of potato starch with some cold water and dissolve it and stir into the marinade. Turn the heat up higher so it can thicken. Once it is thicken and the marinade taste sweet enough let it cool down to room temp. You can store this or use to marinade the bulgogi meat right away. It only takes about 1 hour or less for this meat to be marinaded.

Cook the bulgogi over pan with some oil and add some fresh scallions for flavor and garnish with sesame seeds.  It is cooked through when it’s been browned. Set it aside onto a plate.

Spinach – Washed thoroughly submerged in cold water several times. Then you boil in hot pot of water, strain it and shock in cold water. Taking a frying pan add some oil and stir fry the spinach with soy sauce, sugar, mirin and garlic. Stir fry only about 1 minute and place into a bowl.

Carrots cut into matchsticks – You can buy this arleady cut into matchsticks. It saves time and pain of cutting matchsticks. Boil the carrots for only 1-2 minutes, then shock in cold water. We’re trying to keep the color of the vegetables. Stir fry the carrots in the pan, using oil, soy sauce, sugar, garlic and mirin. Stir fry only about 1 minute and set onto the plate next to the spinach.

Mung Bean Sprouts — Wash them well, boil in the pot and shock them in cold water. Stir fry them in some oil, sesame seed, garlic and some red pepper flakes. Set them aside next to the carrots.

Now these are the basic vegetables if that’s all you want to do. You can go further and add these vegetables

Red lettuce – just rinse it well and chop it up that’s it.

Zucchini – You only need about 2 of them slice them up boil, shock it into cold water and stir fry them. Stir fry them with oil, soy sauce, sesame seed oil and garlic.

Shiitake Mushroom – Soaked in hot water for at least 30 minutes or more. Cut them up and stir fry them with soy sauce, sugar and mirin.

When you get all of this done you at the home stretch. Let’s make the egg! Just make a sunny side up fried egg set onto a different plate.

Make sure you get your sticky rice a good stir. Taking a bibimbap bowl or a big bowl for to arrange the dish. Place a scoop of rice and arrange the vegetables around the rice and place an egg right on top. Add Gochujang to mix with the rice, vegetables and meat together and eat! You’ve worked very hard you should be proud.