Chicken wings and Bittermelon with black bean sauce

Chicken w/Bittermelon
Chicken w/Bittermelon


Chicken wings and Bitter Melon with black bean sauce.


1) 1 large bittermelon fruit

2 ) 2 lbs of chicken wings

3) black bean garlic sauce

4) soy sauce

5) dark soy sauce

6) sesame seed oil

7) Chinese cooking wine

8) ginger

9) garlic

10) Salt and pepper

11) Sugar

12) chicken stock

13) cornstarch

14) cooking oil


Pot, wok, and colander

knife and cutting board

spatula and a bowl


  •  Wash, slice and boil the bittermelon in so water for about 8 minutes and shock them in some cold water. It helps to make it less bitter. Omit this step if you like it super bitter.
  • Separate the chicken wings from drummet and wings.
  • Set the wok on the burner for medium high heat and add some cooking oil. Allow it to heat up and toss in the chicken wings. Brown on both sides before placing a lid on top to cook it through.
  • Toss in the bittermelon and stir it with the wings.
  • While wings are cooking, make gravy. Taking a bowl add 2 Tbsp of corn starch to about 1/2 cup of cold chicken stock. Dissolve with a spoon.
  • When the Chicken wings look just about cooked, add 2 Tbsp of black bean paste add some minced garlic and sliced ginger to the wok. Stir it well let it cook with no lid.
  • Turn the heat up a little bit. getting ready to make a gravy.
  •  Add the corn starch slurry to the hot wok and allow it to thicken up. It should have a quick boil and then turn heat down to let it cool.
  • Chicken wings will be brown and no longer translucent, the bittermelon will be soft and a darker green when cooked.
  •  Once the chicken and bittermelon are cooked serve it up with some warm rice.