For the Love of a Burger


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What meat eating food lover  does not love a good burger?  Burger joints are everywhere we go when we are looking for a quick lunch. Burgers are the star of the summer time foods when the grill season is back in action. You can make your own burgers too.  You can make it  a simple classic or you can gourmet it up with different toppings . The skies the limit if it fits between two slices of bread, or burger bun.

My take on a juicy burger and you don’t need to wait for grilling season to make a burger at home. I use my cast iron skillet and buy the ground beef with 80 % fat . I found using a scale to be most helpful when making my patties. I weight my ground beef to about 6 oz for a medium size burger and 4 oz for a smaller burger. I shape it  and indent the center of the patty so it can cook properly. Since this is store bought ground beef I want my burgers well done. If I were to ground my own beef I wouldn’t mind a medium burger. After I shape the patties then  I would generously season the burger with kosher salt and black pepper, and then cook it on my cast iron skillet. No need to add oil to the cast iron skillet when cooking a burger because that 80% fat in the meat will grease your skillet. It takes about 4 minutes to brown on each side.

Making your own burgers can be so amazing because you can put whatever you want on your burger, I love a classic American cheese with lettuce and tomatoes and I also love the caramelized onions with white button mushrooms too. Oh and  we can’t forget the homemade fresh cut french fries too.