Korean Scallion and Chive PaJeon


scallion and chive Pajeon


Pajeon is a popular Korean banchan that is a pancake. Easy to make and I like a thin crisp pajeon. If you like a thicker pajeon texture, just add more flour to the mixture and less water. I like to use seltzer water for my batter as it gives it a nice crispy texture, but you can you regular tap water if you don’t have seltzer water, it just won’t be as crispy.


1 cup of flour

1/2  cup of rice flour

1 egg

2 pinches salt

2 pinches white pepper

5 talks slice scallions

1 bundle chives

1 cup Seltzer water

canola oil


  • Preparing the ingredients Wash and cut the scallions and chives set them aside.
  •  Measuring it. Taking a bowl to add the rice flour and the egg together. Then add the scallions and chives
  •  Season it with salt and white pepper; add 1 cup of seltzer water and mix until it’s nice and thin. You can adjust the texture with more or less flour and water as you mix.
  •  Taking a frying pan onto the stove, turn on medium-high heat. Add canola oil let it get hot before adding the batter.
  •  Cooking the pancakes. Taking a ladle pour one scoop onto the pan where the oil will sizzle and you want to hear it and see the bubbles. Allow it to brown on the bottom for about 2-3 minutes before turning it over.  Let pancakes cool and then cut into triangle slices. Dip into the sesame soy sauce mixture, it’s really good!

Sauce Recipe

1 Tablespoon of Sesame oil

1 Tablespoon of Soy sauce

1 Tablespoon of mirin (sweet rice wine)

1 sprinkle of  toasted sesame seeds

1 pinch of salt and pepper Mix it well!

The batter needs to be this thin looking to get a crispy thin pancake.