Pad Thai Recipe

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

A lot of us get a craving for Thai food because it’s YUM! It’s sour, sweet and salty in one bite that’s what makes Thai cuisine something we crave. This is a simple Pad Thai recipe for the home cook. It’s not restaurant style so it has the authentic Pad Thai flavors that we all come to love, yum! Let’s get started.


1 pack of small frozen deveined and peeled shrimp ( defrost it in the fridge or in the sink with cold running water)

2 large chicken breast or 1 pack of chicken tenders

1 pack of rice noodle sticks ( Same thing as Pho noodles)

1 red onion

chili garlic sauce

Tamarind paste

1 TBSP of White vinegar

2 limes

3 scallions

3 TBSP Brown sugar ( 2 cubes of palm sugar)

2-3 TBSP of Fish Sauce


2 eggs

cilantros and crushed peanuts ( garnish)

Fresh bean sprouts ( optional)


  • soak the rice stick noodles in warm water for about 30 minutes or more. You want it to be wilted and easy to bend. In the mean time you can prep other ingredients.
  • You can butter fly the chicken breast and cut into thin pieces for a stir-fry. If you have the chicken tenders you can slice it up and set it aside for stir frying it.
  • you can wash and dice half of a red onion and the garlic and set up all the sauces so you can use them as you cook and make a master sauce.
  • Before we make the actual Pad thai it’s best to make a master sauce for it so it saves times.
  • Key ingredients to Thai sauce is…
  • Red onions ( diced)
  • Tamarind paste
  • garlic
  • sugar
  • lime juice ( 1 lime)
  • 1 TBSP of white vinegar
  • 3 TSBP of Fish Sauce
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • You take a frying pan add some cooking oil and let it get hot on medium high heat. Next you add the dice onions let it sizzle a bit then add garlic and the rest of the ingredients. You add only 1/4 cup of water to make it into a sauce instead of a dry paste.
  • after the sugar has dissolved and you taste it for the signature Thai flavor set the sauce aside into a bowl for later.
  • Now it’s time to make the Pad Thai. ¬†Using a wok get it nice and hot and add a little cooking oil, cook the chicken pieces. About half way add the shrimp and cook until all the meat is fully cooked.
  • I would take that meat and set into a clean bowl for later. It’s so the chicken won’t be super dry when you eat it.
  • Next drain the noodles from the soaking water and add into a hot wok.
  • You can add a little water to let it steam in the wok with a lid on and you want the noodles to be soft and fully cooked before you add ingredients. Depending on what kind of wok you use the noodles may stick to the wok.
  • After the noodles are soften enough you can start adding in the meat and the master sauce and stir. You can also add bean sprouts and green onions at this point.
  • Taste the noodles to see if it taste the way you like it. If it’s not there yet add more fish sauce and lime juice until it has that sweet and sour flavor.
  • When the Pad Thai taste perfect turn off the heat and add cilantros and crushed peanuts on top and it’s done!