Egg rolls with seaweed

Egg rolls with Seaweed

Egg rolls are basically an omelette in which you make into a roll. It’s fun to make and everybody loves it as a side dish for a simple meal.


4-5 large eggs 2 tsp of water

2 stalks chopped green scallions

1 pinch of fresh minced garlic

1 pinch of salt and pepper

4 pieces of roasted seaweed

1 TBSP cooking oil

seaweed ( roasted season kind) 1 package is fine.

Sieve, measuring cup, frying pan, cooking oil and spatula.


  • Take a bowl add your eggs and water and whisk it with a fork. Sift the eggs through a sieve. It makes for a smoother omelette.
  • Chop the green scallions then add them to the eggs
  • Add pinch of  fresh minced garlic, salt and pepper
  • Taking a pan place onto the stove and turn the heat onto medium high heat. Let it warm up, about 1 minute.
  • Brush some oil onto pan.
  • Add the egg mixture let it form. While the egg is cooking lay roasted seaweed onto the egg cross way or side by side.
  • Taking one end of the egg with a spatula and roll the egg to the other end. And you’re gone enjoy! It’s best to cut it when it is cooled down.