Kimchee Fried Rice

Kimchee Fried rice
Kimchee Fried rice

When I have kimchee getting old and left over rice in the fridge it’s time to make kimchee fried rice. I use whatever meat I have on hand. This time I had bulgogi. Make sure the meat is already cook to make the cooking faster.


1 cup of Kimchee with the Kimchee juice

2-3  cups of cooked sticky rice

bulgogi ( spam, chicken, ham)

1 cup of Bean sprouts

2 sliced scallions

2 eggs

gochujang ( Korean hot pepper paste)

soy sauce

sesame seed oil

cooking oil

7 basic Ingredients
7 basic Ingredients


  • Prep the egg before we do anything else. Frying pan is on the burner turned onto medium high heat.  Coat the pan with a little bit of oil. crack the eggs scramble it and add a pinch of salt.
  • When the pan is nice and hot make a thin omelette with the eggs. When it is ready roll it and slice into stripes. They look like egg noodles. It’s a garnish for later.
  • Back into the hot frying pan, add a little more oil.  Warm up the meat of choice, and then add kimchee and its juices stir it. Turn the heat up a little bit.
  • Add rice and mix well to combine. It helps to have a spoon and a spatula to let to hands do the work.  Add about 1 TBsp of gochiujang It’s a careful quick folds.
  • Add scallions, and bean sprouts. Allow the heat to steam them into flavor. Season with soy sauce, sesame seed oil .
  •  Taste the rice, and then feel free to add more of gochiujang  if you like it spicier.
  • Add some eggs right on top and serve it up while it’s hot.