Zucchini with Carrots side dish

Zucchini Side dish
Zucchini Side dish

Zucchini with Carrot Stir fry

Ingredients – Rinse all vegetables well before you cut them up and cook it.

1 zucchini sliced up into half moons

1 carrot (thinly sliced use a mandolin)

1 white or yellow onion (small size is good)

Korean chili pepper powder

salt and pepper

1 tsp of sugar (brings out flavors)

cooking oil

optional for all veggie dishes: add in a few drops of sesame oil

Steps — Frying pan on medium high heat


  • Slice up the zucchini using a knife, if you have a mandolin I suggest you use it for the carrot. Make sure you peel the skin off the carrot first. If you don’t have a mandolin it’s okay to cut as thinly as possible. The carrots may take longer to cook.
  •  Add some cooking oil to the pan and let it heat up for just 1 minute.  As carrots take longer to cook, stir fry them first. When half cooked, add in the other veggies.
  •   Add the zucchini and onions if it’s all cut thinly. Sprinkle some salt and pepper, place a lid over it to cook through. You want it to wilt but keep all of it’s colors. So keep a careful watch over the cooking process. Take the lid off stir in chili pepper powder, and some sugar. You can turn off the heat and serve it along with the spicy pork dish!