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How to cut and onions and not cry!

  Onions, make me cry. But cry no more folks. Three important tips to keep in mind. Tip number one, always keep them in the refrigerator whenever possible. Tip number two, keep the root end of the onions in tack when you are cutting because the […]

Chicken wings and Bittermelon with black bean sauce

  Chicken wings and Bitter Melon with black bean sauce. Ingredients 1) 1 large bittermelon fruit 2 ) 2 lbs of chicken wings 3) black bean garlic sauce 4) soy sauce 5) dark soy sauce 6) sesame seed oil 7) Chinese cooking wine 8) ginger […]

Beef ribs with black pepper sauce

  One of my favorite dishes to order out from Chinese restaurants is the short ribs with a black pepper sauce. Last night for dinner I took a crack at it for myself it came out really good.  The key is to make sure you […]

For the Love of a Burger

  What meat eating food lover  does not love a good burger?  Burger joints are everywhere we go when we are looking for a quick lunch. Burgers are the star of the summer time foods when the grill season is back in action. You can […]



Bibimbap I like it cold and I like in a stone bowl. It’s all about a rice dish that has colorful medley of vegetables, one type of protein or none, and Gochujang (hot pepper paste) sauce. It’s also garnished with an egg on top. It not an […]

Fluffy Scramble Eggs

Everybody likes to scramble their eggs a little differently. For me I like them airy and fluffy. Here is how I scramble my eggs. I put my 8″ frying pan on med-high heat. Let it heat up. While that is going, I crack my eggs […]

Kimchi and Scallion Pancake

Korean Kimchi and Scallion Pancakes Ingredients 1 and 1/3 cup of all-purpose flour 2 large eggs 2 – 1/2 cups of water 1 tsp of salt Kimchi – chopped scallions – chopped cooking oil Tools:  A  frying pan, spatula and a serving plate for the […]

Lemongrass Chicken Wings

Being pregnant gives me a reason to try new recipes in order to satisfy some of those cravings that come with pregnancy. This week I craved lemongrass chicken wings. I usually like to order this dish from one of my favorite restaurants in Chinatown, but I didn’t want […]

10 minute Fried Rice

What is the secret to making 10-minute fried rice? It’s the 35 minutes you take to prep the ingredients like the white rice which needs to be pre-cooked (use a rice cooker!) It takes about 15 minutes to chop up the green onions and the […]

Mapo Tofu

I know how many of you like to order your favorite Chinese take-out or dining in. We get those cravings for it! One of the many popular Chinese dishes that is usually on the menu is mapo tofu. It’s a pork and tofu dish made […]