Bibimbap made into Kimchee Fried Rice

Kimchee Fried Rice
Kimchee Fried Rice

Left over Bibimbap makes for awesome Kimchee fried rice. Old kimchee and it’s juices is a great time to go ahead and make a dish that is sure to fill the tummies up for lunch or dinner. If you don’t have left over Bibimbap to make kimchee fried rice that’s okay you can always put together some left overs vegetables and meat you had for dinner and toss up with some cooked Korean sticky rice or whatever rice you have laying around.

Ingredients serve up to 2-3 people

2 cups of Left over cooked rice ( warmed in the rice cooker again easy cooking)

Left over vegetables you have around and meat ( could be chicken or beef, and spinach, bean sprouts and zucchini, shredded carrots. If you have a lot of lefts over you can chose to use half of it or all of it. You will just have more topping than rice which is fine.

1 cup of chopped Kimchee and it’s juices

2 chopped scallion

2 Eggs ( whisk it to make omelette)

2 pinches of salt, pepper, sesame seed oil and

1 tsp Korean Gochujang (hot pepper paste) ( optional)

cooking oil ( have it out and ready to use )




  • First things is first taking a non-stick pan place it on the burner turn the heat to medium high heat. Add some cooking oil just enough to coat it.
  • Crack two eggs into a bowl and using a fork whisk the eggs incorporating some air to it. Slice some scallions just the ends of it pick up just a few pieces to use. Add the egg to the hot pan hear it sizzle. Add the white pieces of the scallion to the egg and swirl the pan forming a circle omelette shape. Let it cook for about 2 minutes or less and fold it up and set onto a plate. This omelette does not have to be cooked too long you want a light fluffiness to it.
  • Next, add some more cooking oil to the non-stick frying pan. Now, you should add the left over meat, and veggies and stir fry it until it is getting cooked through. This is already cooked food you’re just warming it up so this takes only about 2-3 minutes. Turn up the heat add the Kimchee and it’s juices.
  • Next add the rice allow for the kimchee juices. Stir to combine  allow the rice and other ingredients to soak in the Kimchee flavors.
  • Seasoning time is next. Add few pinches of salt, pepper and sesame seed oil.
  • Add as an option 1 tsp of Gochujang (hot pepper paste). Turn off the heat and serve it up and lay the cooked omelette over the kimchee fried rice and your meal is served.