Bobbo Tea Recipe

Happy New Year!  The year of the Ox and 2021 is finally here! Yay so let’s start this post off with boba tea at home!

boba tea

Bobba tea recipe. This is a truly an easy peezey recipe. 1) You will need hot kettle of water. In a small pot boil some cold water for approx. 12 minutes with a lid on. 2) After 12 minutes of boiling the water, add in the tapioca balls into the pot and set timer for 5 minutes. On the side, have cold water in a bowl to shock it when done using a sieve to strain it out.

Next part is so easy! 3) Steep two packets of black tea bags into a mug with boiling hot water and let it steep for 1-2 minutes. 4) Add about 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and mix with a spoon to dissolve. 5) Then fill a tall cup with ice and pour the hot tea into the ice cup and add 1-2 tablespoons of evaporated milk (substitute it with almond milk of oat milk ); stir well then add the now cold and cooked tapioca balls and add a big straw to enjoy!