Braided Bread: 4 and 5 stranded braid


Practice makes perfect as I have heard from my instructors when it comes to braiding bread. Popular braided breads like Challah and milk bread. I love a good egg wash on all braided breads, as it brings in a nice golden crust color when it is finished. I’m still perfecting the process of making and baking bread,┬ábut I had a fun time learning how to bake bread as a culinary student back in the day.

Five stranded bread




Five stranded braids:  starting with 5 and fastened with 5 (a)

b) move 1 over 3

c) move 2 over 3

d) move 5 over 2

e) repeat 2,3,4 until the braid is finished

f ) fastened at the end with 5





Needs an egg wash and ready to go into the oven! The internal temperature of the bread should be 190F – 200F

Sesame milk bread with scallions


Four strained braid bread

a) starts with 4 strained fastened at the end

b) move 4 over 2

c) move 1 over 3

d ) move 2 over 3

e) repeat 2,3,4 and finished 4 fastened at the end.