Chicken Sambal Oelek Recipe – Spring roll wraps and in bowl eats!

Chicken Sambal Oelek Recipes – In a spring roll wrap or bowl style eats

I was inspired to create Chicken Sambal Oelek through a new friend, David! who loves this dish. So what is Chicken Sambal Oelek exactly?  There’s no trick to this recipe it is exactly chicken marinade in Sambal Oelek with other ingredients to bring the flavors up to whatever spicy, sweet and savory flavors you are going for with this dish. Sambal Oelek is an Indonesian chili paste that is can be made from scratch. However, I decided to just go for a store bought bottle, because I didn’t feel like sweating and crying through the cooking marinating process, yet. So I thought through it carefully and decided this chicken is so easy to make and you can stir fry it in a wok or frying pan with some vegetables and you’re good to go with some cooked rice. However, I wanted to challenge myself and make two different forms; the spring roll wrap and in a rice noodle bowl style eats. This chicken dish is spicy and you can control the spicy levels simply by adding less of the Sambal Oelek in the marinade.  I hope I did this dish some justice, although as a chef I have to play around with the dish to see how it works for eating style and also for those who want to attempt the recipe for the first time to make an easier method to be introduced to this fabulously easy delicious spicy chicken dish that can go with pretty much anything you want. Please enjoy the recipe it’s become a new favorite of mine!

Serving size: 4 people 


Chicken marinade

1 lb of skinless boneless chicken thighs or chicken breast

3 tablespoons of Sambal Oelek (store bought or you can make it fresh.)

 2 teaspoons Soy sauce

1 Tablespoon Fish sauce

1 Tablespoon of Ginger slices (it’s a inch slice of ginger with skin on and sliced up)

1 Tablespoon Garlic minced

 1 teaspoon Sesame seed oil

1 teaspoons of Shaoxing Wine

 1 teaspoon Salt and white pepper (black pepper is fine)

1 teaspoon Sugar


Ingredients for the Spring rolls or the bowl style eats.

4 pieces of Spring rolls wraps (the dried white rounds in and it’s a very shelf stable food item)

1 leaf of each Fresh, mint, perillas leaves, and Thai basil

 1 cup shredded Iceberg lettuce (any lettuce you have around)

1 cup of fresh bean sprouts

2 cups of cooked rice stick noodles (Pho noodles)


Dipping sauce

Hoisin sauce with some chopped and a bit of smashed peanuts as a garnish with some perilla leaves minced up into the hoisin sauce.



  1. Cube the chicken into a bowl. Next, add all the marinade ingredients in and mix well with chicken; place a plastic wrap over the bowl and let it marinade in the refrigerator for about 2-4 hours. If you’re in a pinch. I allowed the marinade to sit for 8 hours overnight, because I like max full body flavors.
  2. While the chicken is marinating, prepare the ingredients for either the spring roll wraps or for the bowl style eats.
  3. Cook up the pho noodles and strain into a colander. Wash the lettuce, dry it and slice it up shredded style. Then wash the fresh bean springs, and set it aside to dry in a colander.
  4. Taking a few pieces of each fresh herb, the mint and perilla leaves.
  5. The spring roll wraps will need a bowl of hot water to dip it into to make it soft for rolling.
  6. Hoisin sauce with peanuts and fresh herbs



  1. Take a wok or frying pan, set it on the stove and turn on to medium heat and allow it to heat, then gently add about 1-2  tablespoon of cooking oil. Gently add the raw marinade chicken to the hot pan and then raise the heat to a medium high heat and cook it all the way through to a nice little sear on the cube chicken. No need for a lid. You want a sear not make the chicken watery.
Spring rolls

Spring roll wraps

  1. Set up a station to make the wraps. Sambal chicken, cooked pho noodles are now cooled. shredded lettuce, bean sprouts and herbs, and spring roll wraps with a bowl of hot water that is touchable and not so hot it burns your skin. Sink hot water is good enough.
  2. Taking one spring roll wrap tip into the hot water for about 3 seconds.
  3. Then lay it down on a flat surface; could be on a cutting board or a plate.
  4. Work carefully and quickly. Place just small amounts of all ingredients in each roll  so the spring roll doesn’t break when you go roll it. Ball park small size is about 1 oz of each ingredient; eyeball it you will learn as you go. 
  5. Place the ingredients into the center,  take the end of the rice wrapper end pointing to your belly, wrap it half way then fold both corners in midway rolling and finish rolling and they should come together. Fold and rolling spring rolls take practice, but well worth the work when you feast!
  6. Enjoy it with a dipping sauce


Chicken Sambal Oelek Bowl    

Bowl style


  1. Same station set up just omit the spring roll wraps and hot water bowl and just take a bowl big or small.
  2. In the bowl add the noodles, then place the veggies and herb mixture around the bowl and the chicken in the center and if you like eat it with a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds.
  3. I also love adding Hoisin sauce to this bowl because the sambal is spicy and the hoisin sauce cuts through the spiciness really well.