Corn Beef Quesadilla

Cornbeef and cabbage

So what do you do with all that left over corn beef and cabbage from the St. Patty day’s ritual of corn beef and cabbage dinner?  Well left overs are really endless creations of many good dishes to come.  This applies to corn beef and cabbage too. Today I decided why not bring the delicious corn beef that originated in Ireland and combine it with a Mexican twist of making a quesadilla! The worlds can collide and make merry! It’s easy to make and you will feel great serving it up to your family or friends whether as a simple lunch, snack or supper.

Corn Beef Quesadillas serving size is 4-5 people



1/4 lb of left over corn beef and cabbage combination

3 Large soft Tortillas

Mexican Queso Chihuahua (it’s shredded Mexican cheese)

2 ounces of roughly chopped cilantros


cooking oil of choice (canola or blended olive oil)

Frying pan and a lid

kitchen shears or knife and cutting board


Heat frying pan on medium high heat. Let it get hot.  Meanwhile let’s prep for the dish.

  • Taking the left over corn beef and cabbage place into a small bowl.   Take about a quarter of it and use kitchen shears to cut into bite size pieces.
  • Wash and dry the cilantro; place neatly in a cup to use as you wish, by snipping off some cilantros when you need to rough chop it on the cutting board with a sharp knife.
  • Next return to the hot frying pan, add about 1 Tablespoon of oil and swirl it around just one time.
  • Gently place one large tortilla shell into the pan, then take some corn beef and cabbage just add only about 1 ounce of filling and about 1 ounce of the Mexican shredded cheese and sprinkle some rough chopped cilantros.  Using a spatula, fold the tortilla shell in half, like the shape of a taco or half moon. Press to have the cheese start to hold the ingredients together. Then place a lid over it and let it cook about 1 1/2 minutes on both sides. Each time allowing the lid to be on top and a little air to escape. Brown both side evenly.
  • Once the quesadilla is done, plate it and cut in halves, serve it with your favorite salsa immediately to your friends and family! Enjoy the combination of the two worlds, Irish Mexican fare is a really beautiful thing to taste.
setting it up
placing lid once its folded