Deep Fried Chicken Tips

Deep Fried Chicken Tips
Deep Fried Chicken Tips

Everybody loves to fry chicken but what is the best method? And how to get a good crispy yet juicy chicken at home? Here are some of my best tips for deep frying chicken.

  1. Dark meat like Drum sticks and thighs fry and are juicier parts of the chicken. Chicken wings are fine too, but they’re usually more  expensive than drum sticks and thighs for less meat. Chicken Breast is fine to deep fry, except you have to accept it is dry meat.
  2. Season and Marinade chicken pieces at least 1 hour or over night even better. Season however you like it. I have a basic recipe. I will list it below.  It can flavor the chicken and salt keeps Chicken moist. The idea of a quick brine without all the ice and water.
  3. Coating the chicken is important.Then after a long marinade of chicken pieces the next step is to coat the chicken, and let it sit in the coating for about 10 minutes to let it get dry. Coating recipe will be listed below. I use an egg wash and starch flour with panko crumb mixture to coast the chicken. I do a backwards style coating the chicken. Most professionals will dip flour, egg wash and then the crumbs. Which is perfectly fine. I am a little bit impatience, and I do a short cut method. I like to do an egg wash and dip it into Starch (cornstarch) all-purpose flour and panko crumb mixture. I add salt and garlic salt to the flour to give it extra seasoning.
  4. Deep fryer, and thermometers. I have fried in only two ways – in a wok and in a deep fryer. I haven’t done the dutch oven method because it’s the same as a wok method to me. I have found the electric deep fryer is the best method of deep frying chicken. Why? It has a built in thermometer and it holds that temperature of 375 degrees that gives crispy golden brown look. Deep fryers are also becoming more common in a home kitchen and the prices have gone down on them. If you insist on using say a wok or dutch oven have a thermometer around because keeping the temperature accurate for deep frying is important. You are looking for the evenly golden brown crispy appearance. Another tip for deep frying use two different types of tongs. One for raw chicken one for the cooked chicken. It will prevent Crosscontamination of raw food and cooked food.
  5. Bake your fried chicken in the end.  Preheat your oven to 400 degrees while you deep fry the chicken to a golden brown look. Deep fry each piece for only about 8 minutes or less.  But you will finish cooking the chicken in the oven for total time about 30 minutes. Yes, this is a second cooking method,  but it is less deep frying and you can ensure you have cooked chicken. In order for chicken to be cooked properly it must reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees. A food thermometer will help you to make sure that your chicken is cooked to the proper temperature.

And really that is all deep fryed chicken is about. If you follow proper technique it takes practice to get it perfectly right but the right technique always helps to make the learning time faster.

My Recipe for Seasoning Marinade Fried Chicken

I don’t believe in measuring really, I say if you have to measure it’s like 2-3 TBSP of each seasoning to about  10 pieces of chicken. Use a mixing bowl to mix and season chicken.

Old bay seasoning  (good stuff poultry seasoning)

Salt, white pepper, and garlic salt

Soy sauce, sugar and fresh garlic

Mixing these seasonings into the chicken pieces well and let it sit in the refrigerator for abut 8 hours if possible.



Coating Chicken Recipe

Egg Wash, about 3 large eggs with a splash of milk and whisk it

1 cup of Coating: Starch (cornstarch, wheat starch whatever you have around) and All-purpose flour

1 cup of panko crumbs add salt and garlic salt to the coating and mix well.

Dip chicken pieces first into the egg wash than into the dry coating and set it on a wire wrack over a cooking sheet to let it dry up for 10 minutes.  I would not leave uncooked chicken out in room temperature for longer than 30 minutes at the most because of food borne illnesses. Safe cooking methods makes for good food!