Hot Tea drinking

Glorious Tea

At the age of forty drinking hot tea takes on a whole new meaning for me. It went to infrequently in my teens, twenties even early thirties because I was into other beverages. When I was a kid I drank a lo sugary ice teas, which were terrible for me. I got disinterested in most tea drinking in my early twenties and thirties because I wanted to taste wines and craft beers. As I reached the mid to late thirties¬† I grew to like Hong Kong-style milk tea both in cold and hot versions. Then finally turned the big forty things changed. When my body felt weaker and colder. My interest in hot tea grew and I learned how good it makes my body feels as I drink different types of hot teas like green tea, black tea, jasmine, and earl grey teas. I also love decaffeinated teas such as hibiscus, Chamomile, and Chrysanthemums. I still like some teas to be sweet but oftentimes I prefer no sugar in my tea because I’ve learned to appreciate and acquired a taste for a bitter tea flavor. But I know a lot of people like sweeter teas which is fine so I’ve shared a recipe of my favorite sweeter hot tea Hong Kong-style milk tea.

Of course, we’re used to drinking like this. In a teacup but I”ve grown to enjoy it in a hot tea in a tumbler because it keeps it hot longer period of time. If I want to turn the hot tea into ice-tea I simply add ice cubes to it and drink it again from there.

Tea cup

Here are simple Milk tea recipes for those who’d like to try it.

Hong Kong Black tea

Ingredients and instructions

2 bags of hong kong style black tea bags to brew it nice and strong

in a cup pour in hot water a little more than halfway full. Brew your tea bags for about 1 minute.

Add 2 tablespoons of evaporated milk and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and use a spoon to stir it until sugar is dissolved.

Of course,¬† goes great with tea sandwiches and cakes and cookies right?¬† I find that tea brights out the sweetness in cakes and cookies and also helps me to enjoy small savory bites better. Tea to me is natural medicine for our bodies. I’m not a doctor I just think it’s an old ancient remedy for curing some headaches, and mild digestive issues. So if you’re still young or my age I say go have yourself a cup of hot tea today you’ll feel better for it.

Tea and Bites