Risotto with Saffron, cheating style

Risotto w/saffron
Risotto w/saffron

There are several ways I cheat to make risotto at the home. I am not cooking in a professional kitchen, and I every time I’ve had risotto made from scratch it always comes with a crunchy.  I like to cheat with some of my cooking methods and I like to also save time! A lot of us Chinese people love to take short cuts. We like to save on time and money. Sometimes it a good thing often times it is not, however in this case for risotto we can let it sly.

Risotto to me is like Chinese version of fried rice but starchier and creamy. It requires steamy hot broth of some kind to bring out it’s creaminess. But it is stirred right in a pan just like fried rice and mixed with some delicious ingredients to make it amazing! It’s not far off from Chinese fried rice idea. Please enjoy this recipe it’s easy and delicious.


1 pint of Chicken broth ( beef broth is okay too)

1 cup of water

4-6 strains of saffron

2 TBsp of Unsalted butter

Portobello mushrooms ( white mushrooms are fine too)

1 small yellow onion peeled and slice

2-3 oz of Dry White Wine

1-2 oz of heavy cream

1 TBSP of Unsalted butter


2 cups of cooked Risotto rice ( Arborio rice)

chopped parsley

salt and white pepper ( black pepper is fine)

Italian cheese blend cheese

1/2 cup of frozen peas ( cooked ahead of time)


  • Before you do anything cook the rice first in a rice cooker over the stove in a small pot.  It’s a big cheat but hey you get a soft texture and save time!
  • In another pot boil or steam your frozen peas.  You don’t need too much of it just 1/2 of cup.
  • Wash and slice up  each ingredients separately mushrooms, onions and chop the parsley set them all aside in different bowls. Getting ready for cooking for later.
  • Heat up in a small pot chicken broth with1 cup of water and few strains of saffron. Seeping and simmering at the same time for about 20 minutes. Keep the broth always on a low simmer when cooking with it.
  • Once everything is set ready to go you can line it all up for the saute pan. I like to use non-stick satue’ pan for this dish but you can go ahead use stainless steel.
  • Place the saute’ pan on medium high heat. Add cold unsalted butter. Once melted add the dice onions and stir until wilted slightly, then add the mushrooms. I like to add a pinch of salt to draw out the moister in onions and allow the mushrooms to soak in the onion and butter flavors.
  • Add some dry white wine I do not measure this but it is about 3 oz of dry white wine. Let it reduce by half. This happens quickly. I then add about 2 oz of heavy cream and let the reduce a bit. Then taking a bowl I pour the ingredients into it and set it aside for later.
  • Now, add 1 TBsp of unsalted butter, and let it melt and then add the risotto rice. Using a ladle gently add the saffron infused chicken broth onto the risotto rice and gently mix it around allowing the risotto rice to absorb the flavors. Continue to do this until all of the broth is used up and the rice looks creamy.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and season it with salt and pepper.  Add some peas and stir it well. Add some Italian blended cheese and parsley. Please taste it again and again until you have the texture and flavor that you so desire. Good luck and have a great day!