Singapore Fried Rice

Singapore Fried Rice
Singapore Fried Rice

I have to admit this was my first time using ” Minute Rice ” for any recipe. It was easy to follow the directions to make long grain Minute Premium Rice. I loved how easy it was to make rice in 5 minutes. Here is my recipe for Singapore Fried Rice. It’s just the Singapore noodles only with rice instead of rice noodles. The other special ingredient is coconut milk. It lessens the spiciness of the curry powder and gives it a natural slightly sweet flavor without having to add sugar to the recipe. Please enjoy this dish as I had a great time making it and feeding to my family for lunch.


Spicy Singapore fried Rice


2 cups of cooked Premium long grain Minute Rice

3 eggs 

4 oz cooked ham ( leave it out if you don’t eat meat)

1 cup of shredded carrots ( already shredded from the store)

1/4 cup of sliced red bell pepper

1/4 cup of sliced green bell pepper

1 small yellow or white onion

1 cup of bean sprouts

2 scallions

2-3 TSBP of cooking oil



Kosher salt

White pepper

Light soy sauce

2- 4 TSBP coconut milk

2- 3 TBSP curry powder


Step 1. Follow the directions on the Minute rice box to make rice. Once the rice is fully cooked and ready place aside for later.

Step 2.  Measure and prepare all ingredients  to make cooking easier. You can use a large plate to set all the ingredients in order to make cooking easier.

Wash and slice the red bell peppers length wise set aside onto a plate

Wash and set bean sprout aside in a colander

Cut up the pre-cooked ham into thin slices set that aside onto a plate.

Slice up a small onion if it’s a large onion only use about a quarter of it then set that aside on the plate

Wash and slice up the scallions set it aside on a plate

Carrot should be pre-shredded so it saves time if you can’t find it you can always slice up thinly and into match stick size.

Have all of the seasoning and coconut milk open and ready to go at the moments notice.

Step 3 .Taking a wok or a non-stick frying pan turn the burner on to a medium high heat. Add some cooking oil.  Let the wok get hot, In the meantime you can get the eggs ready.

Taking the three eggs crack them into a bowl and whisk the eggs up incorporating lots of air. Add the whisked eggs to the wok and scramble it using a spatula. Let is scramble for 1 minute and then plate into a clean bowl.  Don’t let it cook all the way because you will finish the cooking process when everything else is cooked. It’s a beautiful process just trust me.

Step 4. Taking 1 TBSP of cooking oil add it to the wok and lightly coat it.  Time to turn up the heat to about a medium high temperature.  Next add the onions, then bell peppers and then the carrots. Next items add the ham and last should be bean sprouts. Do not add the scallions until the very end.

Stir fry the ingredients it should be making some sizzle sounds then turn the heat back down to a medium and cover the wok with a lid. Let the ingredients cook for about 3 minutes. Go back and stir again checking for the carrots to be cooked through. If it’s not cook through cover it again for 2 more minute and it should be fine.

Step 5. Take the lid off the wok and add the cooked rice to the ingredients. Take a spoon or a measuring spoons add curry powder, kosher salt, white pepper, soy sauce and coconut milk. (sprinkle seasoning generously with control) With a spatula and a long spoon use both hands to combine the rice with the ingredients. Once the ingredients and rice are fully combined, turn off the heat add the scallions and scramble eggs and fold them into the hot rice and serve it up to the crowd!

If you want the recipe to be less spicy, add less curry powder and more coconut milk! I hope you enjoy this recipe made with Minute rice.


Minute Rice
Minute Rice