Whole30 Journey

Caramelized onions with peaches

It’s been about a third of the way through to on Whole30 I feel there is progress. I feel I am getting healthier but I miss and crave things I use to eat. I miss simple foods like toast and jam. What I don’t miss is eating straight up candy, soda, junk food like Pringles chips and corn nuts. I was a heavy junk food process food eater, even though I knew better. This detox diet has helped me to see the light of day about how I eat and how I should be eating.

My latest recipes involve cooking dishes that can add both savory and sweet so I can get my vegetables and fruit in one dish. Caramelizing onions and peaches is a good way to incorporate both.  The peaches I bought at the grocery store were not ripened and were all that sweet, but when you caramelize it on a skillet with a little-clarified butter and some salt you get magic! I love this about cooking you can make anything work if you just try. Cooking helps with this diet and eating out less has helped too.

The best part of this dish is that you don’t have to be on whole30 to enjoy it! I say you make it anytime you want with your choice of protein pork chops and chicken breast will go best with it.



1 large Spanish or yellow onion

2 small or 1 large peach

2 Tablespoon of clarified butter ( ghee)

salt and pepper

Cast Iron Skillet


Step 1 ) Prep your onions and peaches. Peel the onion skin off and slice into lengthwise stripes you can dice that’s fine too. You do not have to peel the peaches I don’t but if you want to, by all means, do it.

Step 2 ) Using a cast iron skillet place the pan onto the stove burner and turn the heat on to medium heat. We’re going to caramelize these onions and peaches with some clarified butter low and slow. You can also add a pinch of two of salt to draw out liquids from the onions and peaches.

Step 3 ) Don’t leave the kitchen unattended, but if you do at least have a timer to alert you to go back to the stove. It is about 10-15 minute low simmering process sometimes even 20 minutes depending how caramelized you want this dish to be.

Step 4) Once it is caramelized to a color you like turn the heat off you can add a little pepper to it or not, but serve it up with some pork chops or chicken breast!